Onsite IT Support

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Due to the assortment of components involved in a properly functioning business, some companies may only require onsite managed services for certain areas of their data center or applications—while others might benefit from more robust support system. Synchroworks’ onsite IT support processes are designed to deliver excellence and transparency the whole way through, so you always know what you’re getting into. Your success is our main priority.

We Offer the Following Onsite IT Support Services

Quickly & effectively responding, and resolving any prevailing issues

Preventing costly equipment failure, saving you money

Help manage and implement IT projects

Troubleshooting and solving of software & hardware needs, face to face

Server and workstation maintenance

Preventative maintenance must be done regularly on all systems in order for them to continue working smoothly, and efficiently. Some maintenance simply cannot be done remotely, luckily our trained and certified field technicians are ready to tackle any problems they might face.

Your IT Infrastructure consists of an assortment of hardware, machines and devices which can fail or randomly crash despite being well maintained. We ensure that your end users’ equipment is in working order, and properly attend to anything that needs repair. We guarantee longevity and reliability from all hardware deployed and administered by us.

Security nowadays is everyone’s priority. And it is our priority to ensure that your systems are protected from viruses and malicious attacks. We fully understand the high level of compliance needed for the storage of sensitive company information, and fully guarantee the safekeeping of it. Our technicians are fully trained to run different analysis to ensure the protection of your systems. Your company’s success is our number one priority.

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