Unfortunately, cyber-attacks on your business are not a matter of if, but when. You need more than just antivirus and a firewall to protect your data, your systems, and your partners. We provide enterprise-class information security services to make protecting your company and your data easier. With our unique risk-based methodology and our highly qualified Information Security and Risk Management professionals, Synchroworks Consulting keeps our client’s data safe and assets secure. We make it easier to implement and manage the comprehensive programs that growing organizations need for compliance with regulations as well as peace of mind.

Security Assessments

  • Policy, procedure, controls analysis
  • Regulatory and compliant information security risk assessment
  • Internal/external vulnerability scanning

Security Remediation

  • Remediation plan to compliance
  • Best practices recommendations on solutions as well as policies and procedures

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Breach, Attack, and Threat notification
  • Log review
  • Escalating response and alert procedures

Penetration Testing

  • Internal and external network penetration testing
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Social engineering testing

Top Cyber Security Threats

  • Sophisticated Phishing Campaigns – Phishing emails, often used to deliver malware, are becoming more sophisticated with the addition of specific company information regarding billing, logistics, and more.
  • Reverse Deception Tactics – Tools like anti-analysis code, steganography, and command-and-control servers are being used to hide stolen data.
  • Strategic Use of Information Operations – Cyberattacks and cyberespionage are growing tools used by nation-states and other actors to achieve political disruption.
  • Alternative Crypto-Currencies – Bitcoin’s popularity is forcing cybercriminals to improve their laundering techniques or adopt different cryptocurrencies altogether.
  • DDoS-for-Hire Services – Easy-to-use and affordable tools have made it easier than ever for attackers to offer Distributed denial of service (DDoS)-for-hire services.

Reduce Your Risk

  • Adopt proactive prevention – Properly training employees to recognize emerging threats can help an organization head off potential problems earlier and mitigate potential damage.
  • Elevate email controls – Spam filters should be present, and authentication should be robust to make sure email is protected. Companies should also scan emails for potential threats.
  • Insulate your infrastructure – Patch your apps and operating systems when necessary, make sure firewalls and virus scanners are configured, and check your admin rights.
  • Plan for continuity – A strong resilience plan that includes backups and it regularly updated can help hedge your bets against paying for ransomware.

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